About Us

Scoggin Blue LLC, with offices in Austin and Dallas Texas, and Las Cruces, New Mexico has exclusively brokered Hotels and Motels since 1959.  Our active agents have many years of experience in the hotel/motel brokerage business and are able to confidentially identify qualified buyers for Hotel/Motel properties we have for sale.

Our active agents also have years of experience as owners, investors, general managers, employees, brokers, etc. in the hotel motel field, invaluable in selling hotels and motels.

Since 1959, we have developed and fine-tuned a successful operation for hotel and motel brokerage.  We maintain extensive records of purchasers, properties, and sales transactions, which have been computerized into a highly effective marketing tool.  Our database allows us to categorize purchasers, and match qualified purchasers with hotels and motels.

In addition to our database management, we regularly advertise in such industry publications as Hotel Management and Hotel Business.

We also advertise on-line on at

Scoggin Blue is a member of the:

Hotel Brokers International
New Mexico Hospitality Association
Texas Hotel & Lodging Association (texaslodging.com) or THLA